The disco / evening entertainment is usually the last thing to be arranged, which is a shame as your evenings entertainment will last between 4 to 6 hours, and will make or break your day! In our opinion, your evening reception should be given as much time, preparation and thought as everything else on your day.

We always set up our equipment at the agreed time, making sure that we always arrive at the venue well in advance of the playing time. We will always be smartly presented, polite and responsive your needs. We can set up in the morning or 60 minutes before you want us to start playing - it's completely up to you!

We will gladly play from lists provided in advance, which ensures the bride and groom will always hear the music they have requested. This is particularly important for those having a first, second, or last dance!

When it comes to celebrating your wedding you will want to choose an evening of entertainment that compliments and enhances such a special occasion.

Much more than music! Playing great music is only one part of the key to success for your reception. Making all your guests feel included with dancing, singing, and fun are also essential elements.

Just to make sure that everyone is entertained we carry give-aways to keep the younger children occupied during the early parts of the evening.

Depending on our clients wishes we can include a site visit.
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